Mincon has a global presence in a number of key markets through Customer Support Centers, wholly owned by Mincon Group PLC. These Support Centers service Mincon Customers, providing coverage and support. The main Customer Support Centers operating are in the USA (Mincon, Inc.), Canada (Mincon Rotacan), Sweden (Mincon Sweden AB), West Africa (Mincon West Africa), Southern Africa (Mincon Southern Africa), Poland (Mincon Poland SP Z.O.O), Australia (Mincon Rockdrills PTY Ltd) and all others serviced by Mincon International.

The design and manufacturing of Mincon Products is carried out in multiple locations. DTH Hammers and Bits are manufactured in Ireland by Mincon International, DTH Bits are manufactured in the USA by Mincon Rockdrills USA, Inc. and Reverse Circulation Hammers and Bits are manufactured in Australia by Mincon Rockdrills PTY Ltd. Our manufacturing plant in Canada, Mincon Rotacan manufactures Rotary Drill Bits, Drill Pipe and Adaptors. Through definite lines of communication from Manufacturers agents, results from testing and feedback from the field is relayed back to the design and manufacturing functions to ensure that any concerns, or improvements that our customers feel should be made can be dealt with.

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