Mincon Remotel Control Oiler and RDO

The Mincon Remote Control Oiler is a lightweight aluminum construction unit that delivers rock drill oil to your HDD Pilot Hammer or HDD Pull Reamer.  It connects the compressor to the drill through a robust 2" air manifold.  The Oiler has a non presurrized 7 US gallon (26.5 Liters) tank and is adjustable between 2 - 16 US Pints (1 - 7.6 Litres) per hour.

The Oilers pump can develop a maximum output pressure of 600 PSI (41.4 Bar) and the unit itself has a maximum operating pressure of 500 PSI (34.5 Bar).  The Mincon Remote Control Oiler can be shut off air to the drill using a 12V wireless remote control.