Welcome to Mincon

Mincon manufacture state of the art rock drilling tools.

From humble beginnings in Shannon, Ireland in 1977 Mincon International has grown into a global business with a presence across 6 continents.

Mincon produce a range of DTH hammers and bits for a wide variety of drilling applications.

With three state of the art manufacturing facilities in:
Shannon, Ireland
Benton, Illinois, USA
and Perth, Australia

We undertake all manufacturing in house, even down to the wooden boxes used for packing our high quality products.

At each of our 3 manufacturing locations we use high quality steel as our primary raw material.

Each plant holds their own extensive steel stocks to ensure production for many months.

This allows us real control over our inventory levels enabling us to meet all our customers needs.

The manufacturing process at each of our plants comprises thee following process:

Steel Cutting

Turning and milling

Heat treatment

Precision Grinding and Honing

Quality Control including 100% checking of critical dimensions.


Spray Painting


Boxed and ready for shipping

Our finished products are then distributed to our sales locations.

We have a dedicated network of distributors, ready with stock to serve you. All our personnel are service oriented and extremely experienced.

We have a mature workforce with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the drilling industry.


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What challenges are you facing in your drilling projects?

Have you experienced downtime due to logistical or technical issues ?

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