At Mincon Group, we do not trust the quality of our products to anybody else. In order to ensure this all manufacturing processes used in the production of Mincon products are carried out in Mincon plants by Mincon employees.

This policy allows us to closely monitor, and through defined lines of communication from the field through Mincon product management personnel, react quickly to any changes that the industry may require. It also allows us the flexibility to deliver new products, modifications and design changes that add value for our customers in a timely fashion.

To allow the Group this latitude in manufacturing has required Mincon to invest in state of the art manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe. Mincon Group has a program of continuous updating of manufacturing equipment at all of our plants. Mincon Group utilizes the newest manufacturing techniques and processes to ensure the highest quality and performance of our products.

Mincon products have proven themselves superior to others in the market through the close tolerances used in their manufacturing, special heat treatment processes, and superior designs. Having the staff and equipment to achieve this has ensured that Mincon products are continuing to outperform the competition in the field where it counts.