Mincon West Africa commenced trading in October 2010 when managing director Martin van Gemert founded the company from startup. The company started very modestly with Martin initially operating from a hotel room and the 1st staff member joining him in the company 8 months later. From this humble beginning, in a little over 3 years, Mincon West Africa has become a well-known name in the drilling and mining supply industry in West Africa.

At the end of the first financial year nobody would have thought that this little start up would increase its size and turnover as dramatically as it did. The first real order was received in April 2011, after six months of zero income, while Martin was on a visit to the Mincon head office in Shannon. A collective sigh of relief went up and from there on Mincon West Africa could not be stopped.

During its second year Martins hard work and dedication to Mincon West Africa started to pay off. The customer base expanded and so did the turnover. Mincon West Africa grew by 523% in its second full year of operation compared to the first full year.

The quarrying industry in Poland eclipsed theminconhammerspoland 300x225 Irish market in 2012, and is now three times the size. Due to a great number of road schemes being planned, the aggregates demand in Poland is set to rise by 20% within the next few years. This is due partly to the rapidly increasing construction of rail routes and public roads. Currently only 4% of the aggregates used in Poland are imported leading to strong domestic demand.

Poland is currently the largest producer of coal in The European Union, supplying the EU market with approximately 16 million tonnes of hard coal per annum. Poland’s silver, zinc and copper production have shown strong increases over the last number of years. The state owned copper producer KGHM nearly tripled its net profit in the first quarter of 2011 beating expectations thanks to large increases in metal prices.

Mincon hammers and bits are leading the way in the Polish market as the Polish Drillers’ Choice. Mincon products are used by 90% of Polish Quarries. The Polish quarrying industry currently employs 176,600 people contributing greatly to Polish GDP.

The Nordic market currently stands at 55,000 wells being drilled per year. Of these 44,000 are shallow geothermal wells. The market is served by approximately 380 drilling companies who need the right equipment to maximise efficiency when drilling through hard crystalline bedrock.Shallow geothermal plant in Sweden 201 wells deep 240m
Shallow geothermal drilling in Sweden is well established. Historically some 100 drilling companies over several decades had an annual production rate of 5000 water wells. In the mid-eighties high oil prices combined with several industrial innovations, led to widespread adoption of ground source heat pumps. The drilling companies could use the same equipment and tools as for water wells, making drilling for energy an easy add on service.

2006 was the peak for this industry with 40 000 wells being drilled. Now there are in excess of 400,000 energy plants in Sweden based on shallow geothermal. Just about every Swedish citizen has a connection to what is known as “rock energy”. Mincon hammers have played an important part in this success.

Hard rock reaming job in IcelandMincon a company with over 36 years of manufacturing experience in Rock Drilling Equipment has over the last eleven years developed a complete range of Steerable Hard Rock Hammer Systems for trenchless drilling applications. With the most extensive range of Pilot Hole Air Hammer systems sold worldwide the current Mincon range of tools is capable of drilling pilot hole sizes from 3 ½” to 9 1/4”.  With the industry’s only patented Pull Reaming Hammer reamed hole sizes in rock of up to 14” with before unseen production rates are now possible.

Mincon HDD Specialist, Jason Miller, was invited to participate in commissioning a HDD80 Pull Reaming Hammer in Vestmannaeyjar Island, Iceland. The customer for this project was Linuborun EHF of Reykjavic, Iceland. Vestmannaeyjar Island like most of Iceland is Volcanic. Volcanic activity in the area probably started about 100,000-200,000 years ago however it is believed that the island is younger than this, at 10,000-20,000 years old.

reverse circulation hammers available worldwideMincon manufactures Reverse Circulation products from its state of the art facility in Perth, Australia. This comprises the MX and MR ranges of hammers which are high performance geological sampling tools that have proven successful in a variety of locations and conditions.

Due to the nature of our clients diverse and often remote locations around the world Mincon have put a lot of focus on their supply chain to ensure availability of product on a timely and consistent basis.

Stock of RC products is held “in country” in Australia, Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Chile and in the US which means we are confident of being able to supply Mincon customers efficiently in these locations. The range of locations where we hold stock is expanding all the time in line with product demand.

Mincon West Africa are proud to be Bronze sponsors of the 2013 Journées Minières et Pétrolières du Mali. This promises to be an interesting event with 3 days of conference sessions, workshops and trade exhibitions.

The exhibition will take place from 12th – 14th November 2013. The event is organised by theMinistry of Mines, Republic of Mali in association with AME Trade Ltd & DMC Africa.

To learn more please visit http://jmpmali.com
Mincon Southern Africa have just supplied a new customer, FUGRO MARINE SERVICES with 120 tons of Baroid Bentonite.Mincon Southern Africa Supply Fugro Marine Services picture 1Fugro, a company based out of the Netherland’s, is primarily an off-shore drilling company, servicing the oil and gas industry, and is currently operating off the Namibian coast where they are doing core sampling for their customer.

Mincon Southern Africa as the local BAROID IDP agent, was contacted due to the fact that they could supply direct into the ship, when it berthed in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Usually, the ship, the M.S BAVENIT, gets its drilling muds from Europe, but due to the fact that they are in the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of miles from their home base, Mincon were able to supply their needs.

Mincon new facility shannonMincon is involved in the design and manufacture of rock drilling equipment for almost 40 years.  The company’s range of DTH hammers and bits is supplied into many different drilling applications.

The increased scope of the Mincon range of products and the market demand for the company’s range of products has generated significant production challenges which the company has met and over the past twelve months has embarked on an ambitious expansion and refurbishment programme.

Due to this continuous success of its products and expansion into new markets the company has added an additional 2,322 Square Metres (25,000 Square Feet) to its manufaMincon Shannon Plant Expandscturing facility at its headquarters in Shannon.