Mincon Group PLC, a manufacturer of Hard Rock Drilling products for use in the Mining, Construction, Water Well, Geothermal and Oil & Gas Industries announces the launch of the newest addition to its Standard DTH Range of tools, The Mincon MQ Range.

Designed and tested over the past 12 months, the Mincon MQ Range of Standard DTH hammers run industry standard drill bits without the need for a foot valve. Mincon Engineers upon advice from Mincon Field Technical Specialists and End Users saw a need in the market for a range of high performance DTH hammers that could run readily available industry standard shanks, while eliminating the weakest part of any DTH bit design, the Foot Valve.

The Mincon team are pleased to have been part of this year’s CONEXPO in Las Vegas which runs from 4-8th March 2014. This is certainly the place to be when it comes to showcasing the latest in construction equipment and technology.

Mincon were pleased to be one of over 2400 exhibitors and we took great pleasure in talking to a variety of contractors and potential dealers and distributors from the estimated 125,000 + attendees.

It was great for our team to meet so many new contacts and also to see some old familiar faces. Our product range, in particular our newly launched products garnered a great deal of interest and we are very pleased with the feedback and enquiries that we have received.

With a crew that has combined over a century of experience, and equipment designed to leave the smallest footprint possible, Globexplore has taken on some of the most diverse and challenging projects that Mexico has to offer. Based in Hermosillo in Sonora State Mexico Globexplore have gained an enviable reputation for providing outstanding drilling contracting services to the Mexican Mineral Exploration market.

Victor Diaz, Director of Operations for Globexplore, knows the client is the top priority; “Our entire company operates with a deep understanding that the client is the priority to focus on every hour of every day. Operating in remote areas it is of the utmost importance that we can rely on our tooling to do the job we need it to do”.

Since 2010 Globexplore has been using the Mincon MX5053 Reverse Circulation Hammers and 133 MM bits. One of the main advantages seen with the Mincon MX5053 Hammer is its ability to drill in many varying types of ground condition, which are quite common in this market.

Mincon’s announcement of their floatation on the stock exchange in late 2013 was met with significant interest.
The Shannon based business saw €50 million raised at an Initial Public Offering in November. This saw it listed on the Enterprise Securities Market of the Irish Stock Exchange and on London’s Alternative Investment Market, where it shone as the largest float of 2013.

This milestone market debut has valued Mincon at €180 million.

Mincon’s chief executive Kevin Barry said ‘Floating on a public market is a significant milestone for Mincon. By listing on the Irish Stock exchange, Mincon will be able to source international capital to fund the next phase of its expansion.”
Acting as nominated adviser, ESM adviser and broker were Dublin stockbroking firm Davy.

A “Down-the-Hole” Hammer is probably the most important component on the drill rig and the DTH system holds many advantages over other alternatives, for instance:  Rotary Drilling is fine for large diameter holes in softer more friable rock but less effective in hard rock or where small diameter holes are needed. Top Hammer (Drifter) drilling systems can produce satisfactory results for short hole drilling in hard homogenous rock conditions but would likely experience difficulty in deep holes and in soft ground with large diameters. The DTH system is by far the most versatile and can be used very successfully in a wide range of ground conditions from soft, through medium to very hard.

Small diameter holes with deep capability are all within the scope of the DTH system, which is recognized for providing clean, truly aligned bore holes at high drilling rates with minimal operating cost.

Mincon West Africa commenced trading in October 2010 when managing director Martin van Gemert founded the company from startup. The company started very modestly with Martin initially operating from a hotel room and the 1st staff member joining him in the company 8 months later. From this humble beginning, in a little over 3 years, Mincon West Africa has become a well-known name in the drilling and mining supply industry in West Africa.

At the end of the first financial year nobody would have thought that this little start up would increase its size and turnover as dramatically as it did. The first real order was received in April 2011, after six months of zero income, while Martin was on a visit to the Mincon head office in Shannon. A collective sigh of relief went up and from there on Mincon West Africa could not be stopped.

During its second year Martins hard work and dedication to Mincon West Africa started to pay off. The customer base expanded and so did the turnover. Mincon West Africa grew by 523% in its second full year of operation compared to the first full year.

The quarrying industry in Poland eclipsed theminconhammerspoland 300x225 Irish market in 2012, and is now three times the size. Due to a great number of road schemes being planned, the aggregates demand in Poland is set to rise by 20% within the next few years. This is due partly to the rapidly increasing construction of rail routes and public roads. Currently only 4% of the aggregates used in Poland are imported leading to strong domestic demand.

Poland is currently the largest producer of coal in The European Union, supplying the EU market with approximately 16 million tonnes of hard coal per annum. Poland’s silver, zinc and copper production have shown strong increases over the last number of years. The state owned copper producer KGHM nearly tripled its net profit in the first quarter of 2011 beating expectations thanks to large increases in metal prices.

Mincon hammers and bits are leading the way in the Polish market as the Polish Drillers’ Choice. Mincon products are used by 90% of Polish Quarries. The Polish quarrying industry currently employs 176,600 people contributing greatly to Polish GDP.

The Nordic market currently stands at 55,000 wells being drilled per year. Of these 44,000 are shallow geothermal wells. The market is served by approximately 380 drilling companies who need the right equipment to maximise efficiency when drilling through hard crystalline bedrock.Shallow geothermal plant in Sweden 201 wells deep 240m
Shallow geothermal drilling in Sweden is well established. Historically some 100 drilling companies over several decades had an annual production rate of 5000 water wells. In the mid-eighties high oil prices combined with several industrial innovations, led to widespread adoption of ground source heat pumps. The drilling companies could use the same equipment and tools as for water wells, making drilling for energy an easy add on service.

2006 was the peak for this industry with 40 000 wells being drilled. Now there are in excess of 400,000 energy plants in Sweden based on shallow geothermal. Just about every Swedish citizen has a connection to what is known as “rock energy”. Mincon hammers have played an important part in this success.