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Mincon XP71 10⅝" (A11) Rotary Drill Bit

The Mincon XP71 10⅝" (A11) Rotary Drill Bit is manufactured using premium quality steel and tungsten carbide grades developed to suit the toughest applications. Mincon provides a level of customization unique to the industry, helping customers reduce their Total Drilling Costs - making Mincon rotary bits The Driller's Choice.

  • IADC Code: 712
  • Rows: 13 – 10 Inner, 3 gauge
  • Insert Count: 169
  • Gauge Insert: Semi Spherical (57)
  • Inner Insert: Conical (112)
  • Product Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)
  • Bearing: Air Cooled
  • Rec Bit Weight: 24,097kg to 38,555kg (53,125 lbs to 85,000 lbs)
  • RPM: 50 to 80
  • Features: Extend shirttail, nose wear button, double back row
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Mincon Group plc is a global engineering business specialising in the design, development, manufacture, and service of rock drilling tools for a variety of applications.

Originally founded in 1977 in Shannon, Ireland, it now has a worldwide presence, with customer service centres and factories across the Americas; Europe and Middle East; Africa, and Asia Pacific. 


Mincon Group plc- The Driller's Choice ™ 2021

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