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Size Matters: Mincon Spiral Flush System Sets Industry Records for Pile Drilling

Recently completed project included biggest piles ever drilled with a DT system

Geotechnical drilling is always a complicated and challenging endeavor, but it becomes even more so when it needs to be done in tough conditions and under a tight schedule.

Mincon is proud to have recently been chosen as a supplier for just such a project, where we were once again able to showcase why we are The Driller’s Choice.

During this project, several world records for casing advancement systems drilling were set. These records include the biggest piles drilled with a drill-through system and the outright largest pile drilled with a single down-the-hole (DTH) hammer.

Spiral Flush Technology

Partnering with Mincon allowed the contractor to benefit from our patented Spiral Flush technology. Thanks to its proprietary design, Spiral Flush systems prevent compressed air from being discharged into the ground, thus protecting the surroundings from over-drilling and damage. This approach makes it possible to safely drill larger and deeper piles.

The project required the installation of both piles as well as an interconnected pipe-pile wall. The rock to be drilled was some of the hardest in North America, with the piles eventually embedded several feet into the rock.

To accomplish its goals, the contractor selected the following Mincon equipment to use on the project:

Drilling was completed in challenging conditions under a tight timeline. The schedule required drilling on a continuous schedule, which meant that parts and tools had to be readily available.

In all, over 550 piles were drilled, with lengths ranging from 30 to 210 feet (9 – 64m)       .

Service and Technical Expertise

Mincon’s Site Support Team worked closely with the contractor’s staff during the drilling process to help them get the most out of their equipment and ensure that they had the parts they needed to maintain the continuous drilling pace.

The team maintained a large inventory of spare parts on-site and worked with the manufacturing team to keep new parts coming as needed. This requirement led us to further refine our manufacturing and logistics abilities.

First, a significant inventory of parts needed to be built up before the start of the project. Second, our factory and supply chain were both adjusted to better support on-demand manufacturing and rapid delivery. The engineering and manufacturing advance we made as part of this project will benefit all of our partners in the future.

David Delorme, Geotechnical Product Director – Americas, Mincon, said:

“This project was an excellent showcase for our Spiral Flush technology in a geologically challenging environment, complemented by our expertise in large-diameter drilling.”

“The contractor was extremely happy with Mincon’s collaboration model and we are proud to have been chosen as the drilling solutions supplier for this project. We congratulate the contractor on its successful completion of this amazing project and look forward to partnering again in the future.”


Mincon Group plc is a global engineering business specialising in the design, development, manufacture, and service of rock drilling tools for a variety of applications.

Originally founded in 1977 in Shannon, Ireland, it now has a worldwide presence, with customer service centres and factories across the Americas; Europe and Middle East; Africa, and Asia Pacific. 


Mincon Group plc- The Driller's Choice ™ 2021

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